Icarus Finance Airdrop

Icarus Finance Airdrop

Token Symbol $ICA
Estimated value N/A
Expiry date
Published date June 30, 2021

Token Overview

Icarus Finance is a decentralized crypto mining protocol that combines traditional mining, DeFi applications and governance (DAO). They combine the flexibility of mining multiple assets (Bitcoin and Ethereum) via their hash rate tokens, with farming via traditional DeFi applications through their governance token, $ICA.

Icarus Finance will be airdropping a total of 100,000 ICA to ICA holders and stakers. A snapshot will be taken between April 18th, 2021, 10 AM UTC and July 18th, 2021, 10 AM UTC. Eligible holders will receive free ICA based on the average holdings during the snapshot period.

Token Requirement

🔥 100 000 $ICA Airdrop to holders and stakers 🔥


All wallets that hold $ICA

ICA LPs stakers (liquidity providers)

Wallets holding $ICA between April 18 2021, 10AM UTC — July 18, 2021, 10AM UTC (even one day holding tokens during that time creates eligibility)

Minimum holding for eligibility: 10 $ICA Token

✅ $ICA Stakers at @beefyfinance are not eligible to receive ongoing Airdrop 👀

✅ $ICA staked in XDITTO pool does not qualify

Parameters and Allocation Details 👀

Total airdrop size: 100 000 $ICA from Airdrop fund.

The airdrop will be sent on July 31, 2021 to the respective wallet that held the $ICA tokens eligible.